martes, 20 de noviembre de 2018


 Complete the sentences with the correct verbs.
Joe’s good habits
1   I   eat   fruit and drink water. It’s good for me!
2   I                        sports with my friends. Tennis and soccer are my favorite sports!
3   I always                        to bed early – at 7 p.m.!
4   I                        for tests a lot. And I have a lot of homework!
Joe’s bad habits
5   I                        TV all the time. I love sports on TV.
6   I                        my gym clothes and can’t do P.E. at school.
7   I                        sometimes late for school.
8   On weekends, I                        fast food with my friends. We love pizza!

Choose the correct words.

1   Tina has  brown  / straight eyes.
2   Sophie is 1 m 87. She’s very tall / long.
3   David has blue / blond eyes.
4   My mom has browns / glasses. They help her to read books.
5   Soccer player David Luis has short / curly hair. It isn’t straight and it’s very long!
6   His hair is very brown. It’s dark / blond.
7 Amanda’s hair is long / tall and straight.

Complete the clothes words.
1   My brother wears a baseball c ap  all the time!
2   Cindy has a long, blue d                      . It’s very pretty.
3   My dad wears a white shirt and black p                       on weekdays.
4   I have a pair of big black b                      . They are warm and good for walking.
5   I often wear a shirt under my j                      .

6   I have an awesome T-                       with a picture of Justin Bieber on it.
7   Clean your new pair of black s                      . Then put them in the closet. They’re for school.

Complete the questions with Do or Does.
1     Do   I have your sweater?
2                      your sister take a shower in the evening?
3                      Simon have your phone number?
4                      you and Jack often go to the gym?
5                      this store sell books?
6                      your friends like American movies?
7                      you sing in competitions?

Match the answers a–g with the questions 1–7 in exercise before.
a   Yes, you do!                  1  
b   No, we don’t.                      
c   Yes, I do.                           
d   No, he doesn’t.                              
e   Yes, it does.                      
f    No, they don’t.                   
g   Yes, she does.                   

Order the words to make questions.
1   What / Fiona / school subjects / study / does / ?
       What school subjects does Fiona study?
2   do / When / you / get up / ?
3   those / Why / they / do / wear / caps / ?
4   she / does / Where / lunch / have / ?
5   go / What / they / days / school / do / to / ?
6   the mall / you / When / do / go / to / ?
7   he / How / does / go / to school / ?
Match the answers a–g with the questions 1–7 in exercise before.

a   They are baseball fans.                   
b   At the restaurant in the mall.            
c   At 6:00 in the morning.                    
d   Monday through Friday.                              
e   Computer science and math.       1  
f    By bus.                                          
g   After school.             

Rewrite the sentences. Replace the bold words with object pronouns.

1   I watch TV with my mom and dad.
       I watch TV with them.  
2   I clean my room on Saturdays.
3   We play soccer with our friends in the morning.
4   I often do my homework in the afternoon.
5   When Sylvie goes to the mall, I go with Sylvie.
6   In the evening, I have dinner with my mom, dad, and brother.
7   I sometimes listen to the radio in the car.
8   Amy goes to the beach with Jake and me in August.
9   Stella is good at sports. I often play tennis with Stella.
10    Don’t listen to my brother!

Fashion news
It’s September and it’s New York Fashion Week. Supermodels wear amazing new clothes. Pop star Olivia Somerlyn sings her new song Parachute. And world-famous celebrities watch the show. Then it’s time for the fashion designer to walk on the runway …
This year’s top designer isn’t Versace or Armani. It’s Isabella Rose Taylor from Texas in the U.S. She’s tall with long dark straight hair, and she wears a black dress and cool sneakers. Oh, and she’s only 13 years old.
Isabella’s fashions are for young teenagers. She makes short dresses and tennis skirts, and great sweaters. Her favorite colors are black, gray, and blue. There aren’t any reds or oranges in Isabella’s style.
Isabella’s fashion design is now very popular, but she is also a typical teenager. She goes to school, is interested in art and painting, and has friends with a lot of interests. Her friends like acting and dance, not painting or design. “I can live my dream and be a teenager at the same time,” says Isabella. “I'm very happy.”
Read the fashion news. Match the headings 1–4 with the paragraphs A–D.
1   Fashion Week in New York         A  
2   Isabella Rose Taylor’s
3   Isabella Rose Taylor’s interests       
4   Isabella Rose Taylor’s designs       

Read again and choose the correct answers.
1   New York Fashion Week is in
  September  .
    a  September         b  October
2   Olivia Somerlyn is a                               .
    a  dancer               b  singer
3   The top designer at New York Fashion Week is from                               .
    a  France               b  the U.S.
4   Isabella Rose Taylor’s hair isn’t
    a  curly.                 b  long.
5   At New York Fashion Week, Isabella wears                               .
    a  sneakers.           b  jeans.
6   You can buy                                             
in Isabella’s style.
    a  red sweaters       b  blue dresses
7   Isabella likes                               .
    a  art                      b  acting
8   Isabella’s friends are interested in
     a  fashion              b  dance

Put the verbs into the correct form (future I). Use going to.
  1. It (rain) .
  2. They (eat)  stew.
  3. (wear)  blue shoes tonight.
  4. We (not / help)  you.
  5. Jack (not / walk)  home.
  6. (cook / you)  dinner?
  7. Sue (share / not)  her biscuits.
  8. (leave / they)  the house?
  9. (take part / she)  in the contest?
  10. (not / spend)  my holiday abroad this year.
Complete the sentences.
Use the present continuous form of the verb in brackets.
Use contractions where possible.
  1. You (use) my mobile phone!score
  2. My dad (wash) his car.score
  3. It(not rain) today.score
  4. Who(she / chat) to now?score
  5. What(you / do) at the moment?score
  6. We(sit) on the train.score
  7. The students(have) lunch in the canteen.score
  8. 'Are you making dinner?' 'Yes, I.'score