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Superhero Joey
 by Katherine Rollins

Joey put on his mask. He flapped his cape in front of the mirror. This is the best costume, he thought. I’m sure to win the contest. Joey skipped downstairs. “Here I come to rescue you!” Joey shouted. “Nice costume,” said Joey’s dad. “I’m a superhero,” said Joey. “Joey,” said Mom, “I need you to watch Mindy at the party.” Joey looked at his little sister. “But Mom, superheroes don’t have kid sisters.” “Well this superhero has a sister,” said Mom. “What will Mindy’s costume be?” asked Dad. “I’m not sure,” said Mom. Joey got an idea. “I know!” Joey took Mindy upstairs to his room. He dug through his closets. Joey found his baby blanket. He put it around Mindy’s shoulders. At the party, Superhero Joey and his sidekick Supergirl Mindy won first prize!

Why was Joey dressed like a superhero? ___________________________________________________________________________

 2. What was Joey supposed to do at the party?
 a. fly in the air
 b. help make the food
 c. watch his little sister
 d. clean up

3. Name all four characters in this story.
 _____________________________ _____________________________

 _____________________________ _____________________________

4. When does this story take place?
 a. at the party
b. before the party
 c. after the party
 d. at Joey's house

5. What did Joey put on Mindy when he dressed her up as Supergirl?


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