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1.   Write the past forms of the verbs.
go                    ______________                               help                _______________             
come              ______________                               wash               ________________
buy                  ______________                               live                  ________________
have                ______________                               play                ________________
do                    ______________                               plan                ________________
 Read. Write questions and answers.

Ryan has a large family. He has 36 cousins. Twenty are boys and 16 are girls. Five years ago he had 30 cousins. Ten of the cousins were girls.

(Ryan doesn’t count himself when he writes this list of questions and answers.)

How many cousins were there five years ago?
How many girl cousins were there five years ago?
There were 20 boy cousins five years ago.
Today, there are 36 cousins.

reading comprehension
Ben’s day.
When I woke up this morning, I found my dog, Fox, waiting for me. He wanted me to take him for a walk. I was too hungry, so first I had breakfast.I had a glass of milk and a piece of toast. Then I washed my teeth and put on a track-suit and a heavy coat, because it was really cold outside. Fox was already impatient. We both went out, and walked to the park near home. He ran and jumped, and pursued some passers-by. He also destroyed some pieces of furniture somebody left on the road. I sat on a bench all the time,wishing I could be inside my warm bed. When my hands were frozen, I decided it was time to go back home. Fox didn’t want to, but I pulled hard and I managed to take him back. When we arrived at the front door, I realized I didn’t have my keys with me, so we stayed out in the cold for more than an hour! Fox was happy, but I was late for work!

Complete the sentences. Circle there are or there were. 
1. A hundred years ago, there are / there were 100,000 cheetahs.
Now, there are / there were 12,000.

2. Today, there are / there were 2,000 black rhinoceros in the world.
There are / There were 300,000 black rhinoceros 100 years ago.

3. No one knows how many polar bears there are / there were 100 years ago, but there are / there were only 20,000 left today. 
4. In 1900, there are / there were more than 100,000 tigers.
Today, there are / there were only 3,200.

Read the sentences. Write the name of the animal.

glass frog  -  tarsier  -  whistling spider 

I have eight legs and live in Australia. I am a _______________.
I live in Central and South America. I can fit into your hand. You can see inside me! I am a _______________.
I live in Southeast Asia. I have long fingers, a long tail, and big eyes.
I am a _______________.

Complete the dialogues. Write how many, there are, or there were. Use a capital letter when necessary.
A: _______________ tigers were there 100 years ago?
B: _______________ 100,000 tigers 100 years ago.
A: _______________ cheetahs are there today?
B: _______________ only 12,000 cheetahs today.
A: _______________ polar bears were there 100 years ago?
B: No one knows, but today _______________ 20,000 polar bears.

Pick one endangered animal. Answer the questions. Write sentences.
What is it and where does it live?
Why is it endangered?
Why do you want it to be saved?

Complete the sentences. Write how many, there are, or there were. Use a capital letter when necessary.
_______________ over 100,000 cheetahs 100 years ago.
Today, _______________ only 12,000.
_______________ Asian elephants were there 100 years ago?
_______________ 90,000 Asian elephants 100 years ago.

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